January 31, 2006: T&H were proud to play at Rachel MacAulay's benefit this past weekend. With the help of many other musicians, artists, and friends, over $15,000 was raised for Scott and Rachel. For an update on the benefit check this site:

August 27, 2005: So, it has come down to you, and it has come down to me...wait, this isn't a blog per se. How is everyone? we're doing fine here in Cambridge. Paul and Mark called the other day and asked if I'd be interested in doing a gig up in Mpls, so, yeah, we're playing at Kieran's. You know the place, we know the place, it's a great place. Time to catch up :-). Take care...

June 7, 2004: Has it really been 6 months since I last wrote here? Since then, we've sold our house, bought our house, had our new baby girl Cora Lynn, and in general been having a heck of a time. The band is calling it quits for now, with me going back to Wisconsin and the rest taking some time to figure out what they want to do next! Thanks for all the fond memories, folks, and we'll see you again soon!

December 29, 2003: David Perry joins us for our New Year's celebration at Whistle Binkie's Olde Worlde Pub for one more show. It's always a great time at WB's, so come on out and ring in the New Year with us!

December 29, 2003: We're in the black on our CD! Thanks to everyone who has purchased one, shown it to friends, played it on the air (BLAME CANADA!) and otherwise done what they could to get the word out.

August 12th, 2003: Thanks to everyone who came to both our CD release parties and made them a great success. Dave's last show is coming up in Evanston, MN, so if you didn't catch him yet, here's your chance to road trip and see him before he heads off to Venice.

August 5th, 2003: We've made it! The CD's are done and the release parties are scheduled here. Hope to see you there!

May 11th, 2003: We've had some serious technical difficulties with the CD, and even though we tried REALLY REALLY hard, we won't be able to put the CD out at the end of May. We will instead be hosting a free show (no cover) at Keegan's on May 31, and we'll update all of you as soon as we can on the progress of the CD. As soon as we get a product, we'll reschedule the party.

Our Lonely Hearts Benefit Show at Keegan's Irish Pub was a great success! Thanks to everyone that came out and downed a pint for the American Heart Association!

April 5th, 2003: Welcome back to Ann Viviano! She's decided to change her status from "Special Guest" to band member! Let's hear it for temporary insanity! She starts up April 12th at Whistle Binkies in Rochester.

We have new shirts for sale with our new logo! Check them out on the Wares page!

Finally some CD news! the band is hard at work (again) on their CD, and, ignoring the lies above this paragraph, it should truly be out in AUGUST 5th of 2003. Click here to see photo's of the boys at work in the studio. (Yes, I changed the month again(and again(and again))).

Ann Viviano, listed as "Special Guest" quite often, is a fantastic violin player with strong celtic roots and a feel for the blues. Definetly a 'must-see!'

We had a great review written in the Mankato State University Reporter. As soon as they archive it, I'll set up a link. Still waiting...

Currently the band is in the process of recording their first CD titled More Rogue, Less Brogue. We hope to have the CD out to you (the buying public, as it were) by AUGUST 5th of 2003. The CD will contain many of your favorites from our live shows, including 5 originals.